Sporting Trophies: How Do You Choose the Right One for Your Team?

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Trophies are a great way to showcase achievements and participations in various events or competitions. Trophies are also effective elements of encouragement and motivation to the recipients as well as the non-recipients who are challenged to aim for such achievements. It is for this reason that choosing the right trophy is of great significance. If you are a coach or sponsor of a sporting team, you will want to do some research beforehand in order to select the best trophies for your team. For this reason, here are some tips to help you choose the best trophy for your team.

Consider the Mode of Presentation

How would you like the trophies to be presented to your team? The mode or form of presentation will help you choose the perfect size of the trophy. For instance, if you want to present the trophies to team while they are on the field, you might want to invest in rather smaller or sizable trophies that would be easily transported. On the other hand, if you are considering a stage presentation, then go for a larger trophy that the audience can easily see.

Level of Achievement That the Trophy Is Recognising (Reason for the Trophy)

The reason for the trophy will enable you to find the right trophy to present, especially in terms of the size as well. For example, if you're giving out participation trophies, you will want them to be somewhat smaller compared to a trophy that you will present to the winner or champion. However, make sure that the smaller participation trophies aren't too small that they tend to look like toys in the hands of the recipients. You also don't want the trophy for the winner to be extraordinarily big.

Personalise the Trophies

Adding a more personal touch to the trophies will make them even more functional and worthwhile. There is a wide variety of personal touches that you can consider adding to the trophies. Make sure it is reflective of the sport or event, the logos, individual preferences, and collective personality for the team among other personal touches.

Consider the Quality of the Material

Since the trophies are meant to last, you will want to choose something durable. Therefore, be keen on the quality of the material when looking for sporting trophies for your team. Metal is usually a great option for sporting trophies. However, you can consider glass or crystal for individual awards such as man of the match.

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