Inventive custom framing ideas

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Custom picture framing lets you choose exactly the kind of frame you want for your art or documents. The ability to choose your own colour, size and style of frame lets you personalise your design to create the precise impression you want. Try out one of these unconventional framing ideas to create a unique piece of art in your home. 

Experiment with frame sizes

Traditionally, frames and matting are only slightly larger than the piece of art they surround. If you want to create a big impact with a small image, however, try using a larger mat. The larger area will draw the eye to the painting, print or photograph at its centre. Use off-white or a neutral colour as a mat for a brightly-coloured piece like a miniature illumination or vintage ad, or experiment with brighter colours for a black and white piece. 

Frame in sets

One way to keep a range of different artworks from looking mismatched is to give them a set of matching picture frames. Matching frames are also a great way to stop a single large image such as a landscape painting or photograph from dominating a space. Break up the larger image into smaller ones and frame them as a set. This can take the form of a row of images, a grid or even a more complex arrangement such as a diagonal pattern. 

Use overlapping frames

A set of overlapping custom frames is a great way to add depth and texture to an otherwise bland wall. This technique takes a set of frames and places them not next to one another but actually overlapping, with smaller frames standing out in front of larger ones. The resulting visual appeal comes not only from the art itself, but from the interaction of matching or contrasting frames. 

Frames for other items

A custom frame doesn't have to surround a painting or photograph. A useful item like a chalkboard or cork notice board can take on a whole new appearance with a frame. Adding a frame to an item like this helps it blend in to your room's existing decor. Use a brightly-coloured frame to add some visual interest for a notice board in a children's room, or a rustic frame to accent the simplicity of a chalkboard. 

Custom picture framing gives you the freedom to experiment with the look of your home. These are only a few of the many ways you can express yourself with creative framing.